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This blog is maintained by the TSSU’s Membership Mobilization Committee (MMC) and Solidarity and Social Justice Committee (SSJC). Any and all members of TSSU are welcome to write blog posts; you can sign up as a contributor here with your SFU (or TSSU) email addresses. If you’re having trouble registering, email Kiera, our MMC Commissioner at If you are a member of MMC, you will get paid for your blog posts; click here for more details. Blog posts reflect the viewpoints of the individual authors and are not indicative of the TSSU’s position on the given matter.

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Two things to note:  If you click on User on the left-hand side panel of the wordpress,  And then  ‘your profile’, you can decide  what name will be displayed when you write a post that’s published, in the nickname field.

Your posts will need to be approved by one of the admins (this will be a very quick process) just to make sure the post does not violate TSSU’s definition of harassment, as laid out on page 42 of the bylaws, under Harassment policy (internal):

3. Definitions

Harassment is defined as deliberate actions which a reasonable individual ought to know to be unwelcome by the recipient and serve no legitimate, work-related purpose, directed towards an individual or individuals. (ii) Harassment may be, but is not limited to being done on the basis of any of the protected grounds of discrimination in the Human Rights Code of BC. These include race, sex/gender, sexual orientation, national or ethnic origins, religion, disability, marital status, political beliefs, possession of children, or conviction for an offense (summary or criminal) unrelated to employment.
Posts will generally be approved twice a week, on Fridays and Tuesdays. If your post is not approved, an admin will get in touch within a week to discuss any issues or concerns with your post(s). If there are a lot of posts waiting to be approved, your post may be approved and scheduled to go out sometime in the week following approval. This ensures maximum exposure for each blog post.